The Wise Hippo Approach 

Hypnobirthing with a difference!


Is not only about teaching women how to have a positive birth experience.

It's about creating strong, confident mothers who inherently trust themselves and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families.


Relaxation for birth

Positive birth… what does that mean?

Giving birth is one of the most important and intimate moments in a woman’s life and it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity with each pregnancy for the experience to be a positive one…whatever happens on the day.


To experience a positive birth, a woman wants to go into labour feeling confident and knowledgeable about the mind and body connection - ensuring that her body and mind are working together, full of skills to stay calm and relaxed, knowing what it is that she wants to experience and how she wants to feel after the birth.

A woman wants to be able to rely on her birth partner to support her in every possible way, feeling empowered for birth and looking forward to the journey that will bring a great joy to her life.

Positive birth experience is about having the right birth on the day, whatever path the birthing takes and feeling good about what happened during the experience.

The right birth on the day

What is it about...


The Wise Hippo’s approach to having the right birth on the day, supports mother and her birth partner through any circumstances.

Whether it is a natural/drug free birth, last minute induction or emergency Caesarean section the birthing course supports couples to be able to make their own decisions and be in control of their birthing.

If there is a plan for an induction, c-section or breech birth there are additional sessions to support couples to prepare in a way that is best for them and looks at their specific needs and wants.

Sometimes there are other individual circumstances, like a virginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC), twins or multiple pregnancy where the woman might want that extra support, those additional sessions offer just that.


The Birthing Programme will:

  • provide you with tools and information to achieve what you want from your birth

  • prepare you for any unplanned changes



You will learn:

  • relaxation techniques

  • breathing techniques

  • about the birthing process

Courses are run in Ruislip, in a fun and relaxed way in small groups :-) 

Dads and Birth partners!


You might not realise but you are a vital part in this beautiful event in your life!


Mum–to-be relies on you to protect her and the choices that have been made, while supporting and helping her to stay relaxed; doing what she needs to do.


The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme courses are a fantastic way for dads-to-be and birth partners to learn about their role and how to be positively involved in the birth of this special little person. 

Go over to the For Dads page to find out about Birthing4blokes which can support you in preparations for this very important day.


Having said that, if for any reason a mum-to-be chooses to birth without a partner, then this course offers a wealth of information and confidence building. It is about preparing for the emotional and hormonal roller-coaster of pregnancy and birth that needs to be approached with calm, knowledge and intuition.


Breastfeeding workshop and support available.


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"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear"
Jane Fraser (Weideman)

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