AIMS - Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

Birth Choice UK - information about your choices

Birth Without Fear - positive birth stories    

Bliss - premature babies

Bridge To Health - osteopathic healthcare and other therapies

Doula UK - find out about impartial support for your birth



“The knowledge about how to give birth is born within every woman: women do not need to be taught how to give birth but rather to have more trust and faith in their own body knowledge.” 



EPI-NO - A Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Device to prepare for birth   

Homebirthers & Hopefuls - information about home birth 

Kelly Mom - breastfeeding  


TAMBA - twins and multiple births association   

Spinning Babies - Easier Childbirth with Fetal Positioning


My Positive Birth Hypnobirthing  Ruislip The Wise Hippo

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