Klaudia with Emma-Jane

Hi Klaudia, I keep meaning to email you, then get caught up with feeding and changes. 

We had a beautiful baby girl (Emma-Jane) and the birth was wonderful!! I kept busy and then stayed home for most of the day  whilst I was having surges, then only headed to the hospital when I did to try and avoid rush hour traffic on A40. When I got to hospital they had saved me the pool room, so I set it up nicely with dim lights, lavender ionisers and music-wise hipo. 

Got into the pool just after 7pm and had the baby at 9.14pm. No pain relief required other than the water and rather than humming my baby out it was more like oohing -the notes getting higher and higher with the intensity I was reaching top soprano notes!! The picture of the opening blossom came to mind and helped towards the very end baby came out under water very calm and didn't cry. She's remained a calm baby since too though a great feeder!! 

I have been recommending the hypnobirthing to everyone. Thanks so much for your input, it helped to give me and my baby  a wonderful birth experience and got us of to the best start possible hopefully will be back soon for more with baby number 2 if we're lucky enough Jxx (Midwife)

Thank you! The birth went so well, we literally couldn't have asked for more. 

I went into labour at about 2:30pm and thought they might have been Braxton hicks. By 3:30pm, Matt was on his way home. We left for hospital at 7pm and I was 5cm dilated by the time I got to hospital.

We decided to proceed with the water birth and luckily it was free. We had this huge room and it was really relaxed.

We had the music from the course playing in the background and Matt was able to remind me about the humming techniques. This really helped me, along with the gas and air. I did ask for the epidural right at the end but it was too late as I was fully dilated  (I didn't try to leave but I did think I was going to die!)

There was just myself, Matt, my mum and the midwife in the room. I had minimal interference, the midwife was amazing. I was told that giving birth was really undignified, everyone sees your vagina etc but my experience wasn't like this at all. I was only examined twice and then left to just listen to my body.

Our son Noah was born at 23:29. His head came out still in the bag and my waters broke on the last push. I think it took me about 6 or 7 pushes total to get him out. No tearing or grazing and it was all over in 9 hours. Matt was able to support me throughout and was even able to cut the cord. We were discharged less than 24 hours later. 

All in all, the birth was exactly what we wanted and we have no doubt that the hypnobirthing played a huge part in it.

We just wanted to say thank you very much for everything. We would highly recommend the hypnobirthing to every couple expecting.

Thank you again so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Love from
Fiona, Matt and Noah

"My second labour was much shorter and I was happy to be going through it at home. Relaxing, listening to my music and breathing calmly. My midwife arrived 20 min before my daughter was born and I had already been breathing her down for the previous 20min. My son was awake for some of my labour and I will never forget when I was breathing through one of the stronger surges and he looked at me, copied my breathing and then came up to me and stroked my tummy....oxytocin levels must have been sky high at that moment! He went to sleep later and woke up after his little sister had been born. My recovery was amazing and I felt very proud of myself for getting what I always wanted - a home water birth!""Klaudia 

"Thank you so much for teaching us about hypnobirthing. We both learnt so much from the course and we are now looking forward to the birth of our daughter with excitement – something I didn’t think was ‘normal’. Not only did I learn relaxation techniques which I can use in pregnancy, in birth and after, but I also learnt medical explanations and the benefits of home birthing which I had not considered before. We can’t thank you enough."

Tristan, Helen and ‘Baby K’

"As a first time father I was unsure what hypnobirthing meant and how it could help with the birth of my child. It is fair to say I was sceptical at the beginning. After attending the course I found that hypnobirthing had given me the tools to be a supportive partner in the run up to and during the birth. Life can be so busy and the 9 months can fly by; taking part in this course allowed me to find time to be a part of the pregnancy. We also found that as a couple the hypnobirthing course helped us to focus on the pregnancy and the birth in a positive and excited way."


"I am so happy I joined the Hypnobirthing course, I had little idea what to expect but was surprised at how straightforward and natural the principles are - everything just ‘made sense’!

Since finishing the course I am actually looking forward to giving birth. Whilst I am still aware there may be challenges I am focusing on the spiritual element of giving birth and to connecting and becoming closer with my baby. 

Klaudia was extremely informative, yet also rational and reasonable and was able to answer questions from her own personal experience, previous case studies and scientific/medical sources. She also has the perfect ‘hypnobirthing’ voice – I was very tempted to try to book her for my actual birth!"


" A pregnant woman is like a beautiful flowering tree, but take care when it comes time for the harvest that you do not shake or bruise the tree, for in doing so, you may harm both the tree and its fruit.” 

Peter Jackson, R.N.

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